Arise Hunter is a fast placed 2D shooter with a top-down view where you have only one objective: survive as much as you can!
Enjoy a really immediate and funny gameplay that will bring you in world where strange aliens try to kill you.
You are one of the last humans in the world; you only one best friend: your laser gun!
Pew-pew-pew! Are you the hunter or the prey? Kill them all and become the best Arise hunter of the Earth, or get killed to become an awsome alien launch!


Arise Hunter is based on a enemy waves, you have to kill all the enemies to start the next one. Be carefull, Arises will become stronger with the time, don't forget to take the power-ups that they drop or they will kill you in 5 seconds!


- 1 playable map (Ambient: city, Size: little)
- 1 gamemode (Survival)
- 1 character
- 3 stockable power-ups for your character
- 1 kind of enemy with 3 evos
- 3 enemy drops
- Blood everywhere
- Red-Gray colors only
- Dynamic time (100% random day/night cycle)
- Dynamic weather (100% random sun/rain cicle)
- Dynamic difficulty
- Simple and immediate input


This is a singleplayer demo of the game alpha. Not all the features are available in this version.

The final verion of the game will contain:
- 3 enemy kind with a total of 12 evos
- multiplayer (LAN)
- 2+ maps
- 2+ characters


The Web demo requires at least 512MB of free RAM with no interruption! This means that if you have troble running the game close some running programs and restart you browser.


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